The simple & secure way to develop amazing, personalized apps using health & fitness data.

Cardian makes it easy for developers to build incredible health & fitness experiences with a simple, standardized, and secure way to access data across platforms - including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health.

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Unified Platform

Everything you need to build successful health & fitness apps. All in one place.

Cardian does it all, so there's no need for 3rd party tools and services. Cardian makes integration, setup, and installation simple, so you can say goodbye to hundreds of hours of developer time and effort.
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Simple, Cross-Platform Tools

Standardized access to health & fitness data across all platforms - whether Apple Health, Google Fit, or Samsung Health. Request user health data in iOS or Android. Customize for tailored experiences & setup automated rules & feature updates.

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Faster Time To Market

Simple setup & integration across all platforms to build your product within days - not months. Spend less time on the onboarding process & less time on maintenance. Cardian's onboarding process enables the creation of a seamless user experience with greater conversion and user-retention.

Designed for Developers

Helping you build the future of health & fitness

We've standardized health & fitness data so your teams don’t need to stitch together integrations for multiple platforms or spend months building data-driven features for your app.
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We provide open-source libraries in multiple languages, allowing you to build features using the tools you’re comfortable with.

copy and paste code - installation in minutes

Connecting you with your users. Faster.

Our beautiful front-end module enables you to increase conversions while providing an amazing onboarding experience with one line of code.
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