Cardian SDK

Use health & fitness data in your app with three lines of code

Cardian SDK is our front-end mobile (iOS and Android) software development kit that enables you to build engaging, data-driven experiences in a simple and secure way.

cardian sdk - Access All Major Platforms

Access All Major Platforms

Reach users wherever they are by supporting the leading health & fitness platforms, including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health.

cardian sdk - Automatic Platform Detection

Automatic Platform Detection

Remove the complexity of building multi-platform apps by automatically detecting the right health & fitness platform for each user.

cardian sdk - Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Be in total control of your user experience by customizing the look and feel of your app while tailoring to your brand & design preferences.

cardian sdk - Quickest Time To Market

Quickest Time To Market

Build the health & fitness experiences your users will love in days - not months - and with fewer development resources.

cardian sdk - Smooth User Onboarding

Smooth User Onboarding

Request access to health & fitness data from your users across platforms with a turn-key, simple to understand experience.

Future-Proof & Maintenance-Free

Support for platforms and metrics are regularly added and updated - without any work required by you.


Build Trust With Cardian Connect

Cardian Connect is our front-end module designed to optimize conversions when requesting health & fitness data permissions. Cardian connect enables you to provide an amazing onboarding experience with one line of code.
cardian sdk - cardian connect

Make It Your Own

From colors to voice, each element of Connect can be fully customized. When customers use your apps, they’ll be able to instantly recognize your brand.
cardian sdk - customize and make it your own

Setup In Minutes

With the Cardian SDK, you can implement in a matter of minutes using just three lines of code. Offer your customers a world-class solution in no time by using tools your developers are already familiar with.
cardian sdk - installation in minutes

Ready to start saving time and money building with Cardian for free?

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