Increasing engagement by helping users better understand their health & fitness.

questionThe Problem

Differentiating your experience from competitors is a time-consuming, trial & error process, resulting in high user churn for health & fitness apps.

solutionThe Solution

Turn-key solutions that leverage customer health & fitness data in order to drive engagement. Simple, effortless queries enable you to surface actionable insights about users and provide tailored experiences.


Detailed, Insightful Analytics About Your Users

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Better Engage Customers

Keep customers in your app by providing all the information they need in one place, delivering experiences that are personalized and relevant to each and every user.

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Deliver Personalized Offers

Provide more than just insights, with the ability to give customers tailored, concrete tips and actionable offers to help improve their health & wellness.

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Increase Sales

By having a better understanding of each customers’ unique behaviors, you can make offers that are more relevant, better timed, and more likely to achieve conversion.

Connect Step-By-Step

How It Works

Cardian simplifies the onboarding journey for your customers in a few simple steps
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Integrate with Cardian

In just a few lines of code, you can drop our front-end module right into your app. Your customers will be prompted to share the health & fitness metrics you’re using in your app, which will launch the Cardian Connect module.

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Customize for Conversion

Customize the module to fit your brand or user preferences, including which metrics you collect and how you’ll use them.

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Get User-Permissioned Health & Fitness Data

Once a user has given permission to share their health & fitness metrics, Cardian takes care of the rest, returning health & fitness data permissioned by the user.

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Use Case Provided By:

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Cardian SDK

Cardian SDK is our front-end mobile (iOS and Android) Software Development Kit that enables you to build engaging, data-driven experiences in a simple and secure way.

Other Use Cases

onboarding use case


Cardian allows users to seamlessly and securely share their health & fitness data in a matter of seconds from Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Google Fit.

analytics use case


Perform real-time queries using built-in math functions across your entire dataset in order to better understand customer behavior and track app performance.

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